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Ipod is to Lloyd’s V150 as MP3 is to 8-track

Lloyd?  8-track? what? My first real stereo system was a Realistic car 8-track player wired to a 9 volt power supply with 2 mismatched speakers. It was cool, the first piece of recorded media I ever owned was a  KTEL’s … Continue reading

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Zone 2

Zone 2 I recently added a new surround receiver to the mix on ye olde surround system at home.  My system is a hodge podge of stuff I’ve accumulated along the way. Most think, given what I do, I’d have the … Continue reading

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I started with Twitter and Facebook several years ago, as an interest and exercise for the company I work for. After several musings in the Notes and Discussion sections it occurred to me the proper format to do this is in a blog. Well, … Continue reading

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