Zone 2

Zone 2

I recently added a new surround receiver to the mix on ye olde surround system at home.  My system is a hodge podge of stuff I’ve accumulated along the way. Most think, given what I do, I’d have the THX Skywalker Ranch system at home. Not the case. For me, it’s the old adage of the cobbler’s children…

One problem I have is I see the latest greatest on a daily basis. So I’ll just wait for the next REV due in a month, or just after CEDIA, or CES….  It’s never ending.

So, I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I just ditched my Denon AVR2400 . For those non electronic geeks, that would be the cutting edge surround receiver from 1997.  I know, I should be tarred and feathered.

The nudge I needed to get modern came in the form of my new screen house on the deck out back. It’s my favorite space in the house, my sanctuary.  I was tired of dragging some pile o’gear out to get my music rolling.  It’s a rule at our house  that if you’re outside on the deck or in the yard, we need tunes playing.  It was clear I needed to upgrade to get at a minimum a Zone 2.

Zone 2? What’s that? It’s the evolution of B speaker switch. Over the years this little feature has gotten very sophisticated.  We now have the capability to treat the B speakers as a virtual stereo system completely independent of the surround receiver. Discrete commands, powered outputs, and 2 way feedback.  Translation… I can walk outside with my remote, hit the listen button and I got music from the same receiver that does the sounds around sound.

The chic rock speakers I use blend into the décor outside. I don’t have to worry about pulling them in for rain or snow and they sound great.

It makes me want to be out there all the time. With the cooler weather I’ve got the mini fire pit all line up.  A small blaze keeps the chill away.  Working from home, reading a book, or hanging out with the kids the music in the background makes all the difference.


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