Commander Cody Spotted at Panera

Saturday mornings involve a trip to the Dojo. Karate for my son.  My daughter and I are usually wandering the streets looking for something to do for an hour or so.  We eventually found a Panera to haunt.  A few bagels, some OJ and coffee. It does not escape me that having this one on one time with my daughter is special. It’s not often in our busy lives that I get such a quiet moment to spend with her.

One of the things that her and I really connect on is our shared love of music. We spend lots of time talking about all sorts of music.  As a toddler during our 20 minute trips to the day care I would have a crazy assortment of music playing. Led Zepplin,  Ted Nugnet, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Prima, U2, the Wiggles, and The Blues Brothers.  As she got older, sometimes when we discussed music we would head over to Youtube and look for videos of whatever artist we were discussing.  She found Elvis this way, Jail house rock, and lots of Michael Jackson.

As usual, we were discussing music over a bagel.  Somehow at karate drop off the topic of Roger Miller came up, King of the Road . She has become fairly proficient using my my Blackerry. On the ride from Karate to Panera , she managed to find and play King Of The Road a few times. By the time we got to our favorite booth, she had moved on to explore some of Mr Millers other fine works.  One being Hot Rod Lincoln.  She was dismayed at this version. “To sweet and slow, I like the other version better.” Which, of course, is the Commander Cody version.  After cueing that version up and several repeats of it, she wanted to explore some of his other works.

Now this is where an extensive knowledge of music is helpful,  especially as a parent.  Being slightly versed in the Commander Cody catalog  of work I decided to apply some discretion. Not that it’s all horrible, but songs like Everybody’s Doin’ it in Hollywood and Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues are not quite what you want your nine year old listening to.

“Ok, time to wrap up here and go get your brother”

” Dad, can we make your car a Hot Rod Lincoln?”

“Not really,  two major reasons, one if we were to Hot Rod the Civic we’d be Ricers, not Lincolns, and two your mother would never let me spend that kind of cash putting nitro in.”



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One Response to Commander Cody Spotted at Panera

  1. John Kelsey says:

    Then there are those Beach Boys car songs… Can’t imagine the same songs about Rice Burners. How times have changed. On the other hand, boys will be boys – there will always be Hot Rods – regardless of their heritage.

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