Got me a Tablet at CES

On the heels of CES (Consumer Electronic Show)  I’ve decided to get into manufacturing. I have the ultimate product. Simple to produce, brilliant distribution model, always up to date, comes in any color. The profit will be awesome. So I’ll be  loading up the truck and moving to Beverly.

Hills, that is.

What is this wonder product you ask? Doesn’t matter.  It will have an app that will be available on all the new tablets…. IPAD, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Motorola’s Xoom, Lenovo’s IdeaPad Slate, Dell’s Streak7, MSI’s WinPad, Sony’s Vizio Via, and Acer’s Iconis A500.

While all these little gems are exciting and Apple certainly proved with a gazillion units sold in the first month it seems that manufacturing marketing have gone haywire with claims that they all have apps for these devices.  And I guess somewhat rightfully so. The clients inevitably ask if they can work it on their IPAD.  Seems the whole world is in a rush to consolidate every conceivable function onto a portable, handheld device.

I too, want one of these cool slabs o’technolgy. Everyone else is doing it. And lets face it, your Iphone and BB suck for watching movies. You need something with a bigger screen, and the laptop is just not conducive to being something you can take out and fire up in 4 seconds when you get your Triple Mocha Grande with an add shot and whip cream.

The Tablet is a device whose time is long over due.  We knew this 45 years ago, it just took some time for us to get smart enough to build it. Thank you Mr Spoke for the Inspiration.

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