Snow Day, French Toast, and Verizon FIOS

After buying bread, milk, and eggs yesterday for the impending Snowpacolypse I made it home around 8 pm.

I’m not sure if that’s a New England thing or if the rest of the world panics and marches lemming like to the nearest supermarket to buy up bread, milk, and eggs. Every storm, the shelves are cleared to the bone. I’ve started to hear about the French Toast factor. I’m researching to find the particulars.  I believe it’s one toast piece per 2″ of snow. What’s the correlation? What else do you do with bread , milk and eggs?  You make French Toast.

It was a day of weather logistics and shuffling to get the schedule for the staff in order, contingency plans, and shoveling.  The shoveling was fun. Several times in the past two weeks I found myself on the roof with a bunch of the guys clearing snow. We even managed to hoist a snowblower up there to help things along.  Thankfully no one went over the side.

So today, I’m home with the kids , who are on their 2nd snow day in a row. I’ve settled down to chisel away at the piles of email, tie up some paperwork and generally try to get squared away what I can not being in the office. My daughter is in the living room, Pandora on the Broadway channel, dancing away. My son is  in his room with a box of 3000 plus Lego’s and about 34 Bakugan, Ipod playing on his clock radio.  I have my Pandora streaming on my laptop with my headphones. They’re nothing special, Klipsch S4 in ear buds, about $50 bucks a pair. But man, what a great experience. They block out most of the noise emanating from the all corners of the house, they sound great, and have  respectable bass response. I listen to them for hours on end. No ear fatigue, especially given the content I listen to,  electroclash and house.

A bit of Verizon fiber connecting me to the WWW and it’s all good.  Seriously boys and girls, I highly suggest you upgrade those IPOD head phones a few notches and give your ears a treat, and today is the perfect kind of day to do it.

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5 Responses to Snow Day, French Toast, and Verizon FIOS

  1. VzNana says:

    Thank you for this absolutely awesome post mentioning Verizon FiOS and the benefits of having it, especially during the Snowpocalypse. So glad Verizon FiOS was there to help out in any way possible. Your photo is beautiful and I’ve got to tell you I’m now very hungry for French toast. When you complete your study on the correlation between number of slices to inches of snow, please let me know. That’s important information to know and remember, especially for a Nana.

    Best to you. Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay full. And keep enjoying Verizon FiOS!

    With heartfelt thanks!


    • avo2hap says:

      Thanks, not intended as a plug…but the truth is FIOS works , we’re a power user internet family, I work from home often enough and given that there are 4 of us in the house, some how we have 4 to 7 PC’s running at a time, usually all streaming.

      as far as French Toast.. no official rules on this as of yet, so I may just write them myself. I’ll send a copy when I have it figured out.

      – enjoy the day, stay warm !


  2. Anonymous says:

    So while I have nothing to offer in terms of the correlation of snow vs bread ratio.. I can offer up a favorite in our house which is simply make a peanut butter sandwich ( no jelly) and then dip in the egg and milk mixture ( it probably goes without saying that the mixture should contain a splash of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon)– then cook the sandwich in the standard french toast manor….a perfect reward to all the shoveling

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  4. John Kelsey says:

    Next time, cut a hole in the middle of the toast and drop an egg in there. Mmmmm. Or if you have any stale Panatone left over from Christmas, try that as french toast. Killer!!!! Cheers, jk

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