I’d like to dedicate this Blog to the Dishwasher…

First off, apologies to those who are truly writers when I say writers block, I am not a writer, just a hack at keyboard. It’s been just about two months since I last posted. And yes, bail now if you’re not interested in how the dishwasher busted the non writing streak I’ve had.

“Hey Hon, what’s the deal with the clog? ”

“I’ll tear the dishwasher apart tomorrow and figure it out”

The dishwasher has been on the blink, it won’t drain anymore. After a week of doing dishes by hand, it’s time for me to pretend that I understand plumbing and appliances. It’s part of being a man. We have the skill of pretending to understand anything mechanical.

“What? What are talking about? I said Blog. You dumb-ass”

Actually, she didn’t say you dumb-ass, but I suspect she was thinking that by the furrowed brow and slight smirk she had on her face.

Ah yes, the blog.  I’ve been pondering that for about two weeks. I couldn’t decide if I was just too exhausted from the work days or if I was experiencing writers block. I couldn’t think of any topics that got me excited.

Crap, my hearing really sucks. She was not more than 3 feet away from me on the couch. I’m getting old. There’s been a lot of that lately.  I have to have my kids repeat everything. Insert Charlie Brown adult voice reference here.  Since I just turned 40, it’s the end of it all. I’m falling apart, washed up, done for.

Well, OK, maybe for the past 25 years I’ve had the car stereo, headphones, and anything else that makes noise at 11. I guess crying wolf over being old and decrepit at 40 is a bit over blowing it.  All in all, thanks dishwasher for getting me back to one of my goals for this year, blogging.

Now excuse me and my dishpan hands, I have to find a pipe wrench, blowtorch, and some Draino.  The plan is to bust it up beyond repair and go buy a new one.

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