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A few months ago I was poking fun at the Tablets all being buzzed about at CES.  I did in fact, belly up to the bar and ordered one. I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All things considered, I chose to go with the Droid platform. Partially because the Mrs. purchased a Droid Incredible and partially because I just couldn’t bring myself to jump on the IPAD bandwagon.

After some research and solicitation of opinion of tech geeks who are actually in the tech biz for my wife’s new phone purchase, it was clear that the Droid platform was the one of choice. There were a whole litany of actual reasons why Droid was better than IPAD.  You can look up those blogs if your interested. I will not even attempt to go down the path of the techy review, it’s been done 4,000 times already by people a 100 times more qualified than I in that regard.

Here’s the way it laid out for me.

We have the IPAD at work and I bought my mom a Nook for Christmas, so I got a bit of real hands on time with each .  The IPad was way to big to be more convenient than my Blackberry. The Nook was the perfect size,  big enough to read, but not to big to be unwieldy. I could get the Nook into a pocket. The Galaxy Tab is the same size as the Nook. That was a big decision factor, size.

IPAD – no flash….   all the stats say that 80% plus of all the things that count use flash…gaming, development software, top 100 most popular websites. You have to have it if you want to be free to surf and play.

Less expensive.  I ran into a small accounting issue and had to wait an extra week, I needed one more week of saving my allowance. It worked out to be a good thing. With a 2 year contract data contract from Verizon, it was $199, down from $299 the week before. IPAD $499 at it’s cheapest. I signed up for the minimum data plan, $20 a month 1GB of data. Plenty for me. 90% of the time I’m on WiFi, so I don’t burn up all my data.

It has made my life measurably easier at work.  Since the IT department reports to me, you can imagine I have a fairly kick ass laptop setup and unlimited “Help Desk” calls.  The support is top notch, however, lately, the help desk advice is increasingly laced with profanities, as I manage to find ways to screw things up….   I don’t need to drag the laptop around anywhere as much as I used to, but the profanity continues increase as I ask for help with getting my company email on my new tablet… a category the IT department has no desire to learn and support.  Briggs…much love, man, really, I mean it….and I need to talk to you about the latest version of  Skype crashing my laptop ….  on second thought, I’ll just uninstall it…..

I read more !!!!!!  I find that I’m reading vast amounts of blogs, online news , and e-mags. The size and convenience makes it perfect for killing 10 minutes at the Jiffy Lube, sitting in the dentists office, and waiting for junior to get thru Thursday night karate.   Heck, you can even take it to your Fav coffee shop and be cooler than everyone else squinting at their teenie weenie Iphones and Blackberrys.

What about the apps?  It’s got all the goodies.  I have all of my calendars plus my families various calendars integrated into one easy to use calendar. All 5 contact lists from Facebook, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo accounts integrated into one list. The tasks completely sync with my tasks on my work email account. I have all four of the major e-readers,  and front and rear cameras for face to face video conferencing. I’m sure this is all avail on the other tablets out there, but what’s been interesting is that the 3 or 4 IPAD users I’ve compared notes with think my Tab is way cooler than their IPAD.

A few of my favorite Apps:

  • All Recipes Dinner Spinner – random 20 minute quick recipes, reminds me ofa  slot machine
  • CamCard – biz card scanner, snap the pic and it loads the info directly into the contact format. No more card scanners !
  • C:Geo – geocaching – GPS enabled treasure hunting. Perfect way to get the kids out and about to discover what it’s like to play outside, highly recommend you try it…even if you don’t have kids…
  • WordPress – lets me see just how many people didn’t read my blog today…
  • and of course the real reason I bought the thing — Angry Birds.  I can’t get past level 12….it’s rather embarrassing.

I recall 2 1/2 years ago I was at an industry conference where the guest speaker was asking who used Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I was one of 3 guys that raised their hand out of the 300 people that were there. I do recall quite a bit of rib poking on how lame I was for messing with kids stuff.  278 of those 300 now are on Facebook, tweet, blog, etc. etc. etc.

Interesting sidenote, anyone who reads this blog…got to it from Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.  Just sayin’…..

Well, I’m going to go out on a limb here again and be ahead of my time and say ditch the IPAD and get a Galaxy Tab. You’ll love it.

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One Response to Life with Tab

  1. Kelly says:

    Cool links! I love the Kiskadee link, and that’s a very neat recipe thing. Enjoy your new toy!

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