to 3D or not to 3D in 2011

It’s approaching the end of day three of the 15th anniversary edition of the HTSA conference.  That would be the Home Technology Specialists of America.  HTSA is a membership made up of the premiere custom home theater and systems integration resources in America.

One of the central conversation pieces of this years conference is the greatest opportunities of 2011.  Surveying the field of members and vendor partners I see a variety of talents and resources being applied in some very creative ways to remain vibrant and profitable in this industry. One thing that is evident is that what we consider “this industry”  seems to be morphing as fast as the security and privacy settings of our Facebook accounts, also a topic we touched upon.   We recently changed from Home Theater Specialist to Home Technology Specialists to reflect this trend of moving into disciplines that are clearly not home theater or traditional audio video work.

Security, home health monitoring, CCTV, electrical work, power management, energy monitoring, IT, commercial AV, digital signage,  and a bunch of other areas are amongst the diversification we’re seeing.

The various presenters on the topic of opportunities threw up all kinds of ideas. Some were, frankly,  stale and left me with a sense of wonder at how can they have their head in the sand.  Some ideas resonated with some trends that I have heard lots of chatter on in the past 3 to 6 months. There were a few that were a call to action to get back to the days of old where this group prided itself on being an elite group representing the finest product and services for the most discerning consumers.

Will we see the resurgence of audio performance as a priority through Digital USB DAC’s,  is there more creative ways to up sell security services and solutions, can quality customer service departments breath new life into our bottom lines, will we convince the masses that 3d really only works on big screen projection systems or is it the manufacturers and Hollywood that need convincing of this?

At the end of day three the  jury is still out for me on these items.  I will say the the list to consider is long and varied. I’m encouraged that some of the suggestions mirror efforts already under way in my company.  My enthusiasm and energy has certainly been recharged having spent quality time with my fellow HTSA brethren.

Tonight we dance, dine, and be merry. Tomorrow, the hard decisions will be made on the remainder of 2011 and what opportunities we may decide to pursue.

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One Response to to 3D or not to 3D in 2011

  1. Linda Saad says:

    I think people are really wondering about the 3D quality and long term feasibilty. If you need someone to go to Hollywood, I will get my hat and volunteer to go.
    I also think there is a huge market out there for all the products you handle. I’m not sure what income bracket you are trying to reach but the post office now has a cheaper way to reach customers. Remind me to tell you about it. Dining, dancing and general mayhem? hmm…..

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