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Political Pre-season

Please stop and read carefully…. this is not a political pitch, not an endorsement for any candidate or cause, nor a fundraising request for any particular party. Disclaimer done.  I suffer a rare condition of not being into sports. It’s exasperated … Continue reading

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The Season of the Wayward Couch and Flying Suit Case

Tis the season here in the greater Boston Metro area. It’s a very short-lived season, it runs about the second week of May thru the first week of June. You’ll only see it in bloom on the highway and close … Continue reading

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25 years of Beastie Boys

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the long awaited album from the B-boys is finally here. The last studio album was in 2004. Quite the stretch to run without new material.  The delay mostly caused by MCA’s bout with cancer.   Most of … Continue reading

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Lebanon, Phoenix, and Boston

Some days you have are pretty routine. Occasionally you have a day that goes unexpectedly a different way. Last Thursday was such a day. I wrapped up my goodbyes to the crowd at the conference I was attending.  I get … Continue reading

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