The Season of the Wayward Couch and Flying Suit Case

Tis the season here in the greater Boston Metro area.

It’s a very short-lived season, it runs about the second week of May thru the first week of June.

You’ll only see it in bloom on the highway and close to college campus’.

There are tell-tale signs to watch for. 10 plus year old cars, sweat shirt wearing, sunglass sporting young 20 somethings on the move.

Yes it’s the time of year when all the colleges let out for the summer. Kids and parents stuffed into cars, trucks , and mini vans,  literally loaded beyond capacity.  Sidewalks around campus’ suddenly look like yard sales as they heave this years furniture with no plan on what to do with it.  Bags and suit cases of clothes that have leaped to their demise littering the sides of the highway along route 128, 95, and 91.

So keep a sharp eye if you live in a college town or spend quality time on the highways and byways.

You may just get a glimpse of the last moments of the college couch in its last sad days of existence. Ah,  the stories it could tell. The beer and pizza stains it has accumulated through its glory days of late nite video games, keg parties, and endless college life drama.

You may even see the elusive Glad Trash Bag Suite Case Substitute in its short, ungraceful, and violent last flight as it leaps from the hand me down family Buick as it roars past you with a hung over, half awake college grad making his way back to his parent’s basement.

Have your camera ready, post your sightings…..

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