Political Pre-season

Please stop and read carefully…. this is not a political pitch, not an endorsement for any candidate or cause, nor a fundraising request for any particular party.

Disclaimer done.  I suffer a rare condition of not being into sports. It’s exasperated by the fact that I live in the Boston market. It’s a fabulous sports town and we have all the major sports teams.  Loads of history and crazy fans.  A top 5 place to be if you’re a sports guy/gal/person.  Not me.  I listen to the sports talk radio during the playoff seasons for 5 minutes a day so I can get by day-to-day. Sorta like learning Spanish before you take a vacation in Barcelona, enough to survive.

Politics is my sport. I’m not a political junkie, more of an enthusiast.  I’m not a supporter of any one team or person.  I like the sport of it as much as I like the issues.  There are a million and one factors that affect the outcome.  It’s the greatest Facebook fan page. We all can hit the “like” button, but the stakes are much higher. In the end intelligence, common sense, and proven track record have very little to do with the outcome.

The debates are like WWE cage matches, the polls are like NASCAR points system, the primaries are like the sweet 16 playoffs, and of course the election is like the Lakers vs the Celtics game 7 meets the Superbowl.

Enough of the metaphors….

The 2012 political pre-season is off to a great start. Lots of quality action.

Here’s run down:

The Birthers made  enough noise with Trump steering that ship to get The President to produce the official document,  fun to watch. In the long runs means nothing other than Trump blew his spotlight way to early. He could have dragged that “I’m running for President” thing out for a while.

Huckabee – out. There was an unexpected surprise. Outsider long shot last time around hung in long past when it was obvious he had no chance.  Out before it started. I guess the pay check at Fox is better than what 1600 Pennsylvania Ave pays.

Palin, the exhibition tour entertainment for the space between the midterm and presidential election. She came into her own. She found her voice, message and a bunch of Teabaggers to make her popular enough for her to get a gig at Fox. Is she as important as they were saying she was?  Seems she’s losing her luster. But she certainly still is the wild card.

Mitt Romney.  A bit on the low-key side of the things , but definitely working it. Republican with the original Obama health care plan.

Lots of noise on the conservative/ Republican front.

The President   Osama= dead,  nuf said, even in my book.

It should a wild ride in a few months as the candidates, networks, pundits, and general rabble rousers head to the streets with their soap boxes.  I’m excited. I love the process. I love  what it all means. I’ve got my civics “geek on” and I’m ready to go for this upcoming political season.

Now if I could only get everyone to refer to the political junkies as political hooligans.

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One Response to Political Pre-season

  1. Christo says:

    Not to forget Ron Paul, who becomes less and less of a fringe player as the years go on. Not because he has changed his views — he’s been the rock of Gibraltar — but because many are coming around to the conclusion that the gargantuan levels of debt we’re incurring, aided and abetted by the Fed, could become a wee bit of a problem. His street cred gained several notches when he recently became chairman of the House Financial Services Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee, which oversees the Fed.

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