New Years in June

Yep, It’s Fathers Day. Nope, not writing about that. I feel like that’s too easy and predictable.  Well, at least I’ll admit I found the time to write this, because I got a day off from the usual weekend list o’ chores that is mine.  And yes, thank you to my wonderful children, wife, and my mom who made Father’s Day a great day for me.  Love you all.

Where was I? Oh yes, a few holidays back… New Years.  Is it safe to say we’ve all heard of Christmas in July? That was my inspiration for this one.  I decided this year I really needed to figure out how to make my New Years resolutions stick. My plan, simple, let’s make it a quarterly event instead of an annual event. At the beginning of each quarter I would revisit my goals and make a fresh go of it. Those that had stuck, I would update and continue forward. Those that I didn’t get to I’d make another attempt to kick-start again.

April rolled around and happy to report 2 resolutions had stuck. But the big goal I set had did not.  Any guesses about what it was? It was very unique and original.  I was going to start going to the gym/exercising.  Are you shocked?  I know, original.  But over the past 3 years I’ve made a real attempt to get my rather large ass in shape. I’ve had some success in sticking to the gym for 3 to 5 months at a time.  I was doing great last summer. Then I got derailed. Job schedule change, got a bone spur in my heel, then I got a really bad lung cold that lasted 3 month. I was a train wreck thru the winter.

I was determined to get back on track. Over the early spring I acquired some work out machines and cleared a space in the garage.  April 1st came and went.  Missed that date….

A few weeks ago I finally realized I was going to need to shift my strategy. I clearly was doing everything I could to make excuses on why I wasn’t dragging my ass 50 yards out to the garage to my newly installed gym.  So I boiled it down to a very simple goal. Show up. And I decided to get a jump on the New Years in July date. That was week 1’s goal. Show up. I dragged my ass out of bed at o’wayto darkthiry and stumbled across the yard to the garage. I managed to do this for  a week. Didn’t get much exercising done, but I showed up.  I played with the music , read the Bowflex machine manual, moved the equipment around, screwed with the internet connection for my streaming music, etc….

Week 2 –

This is pathetic.  Why the hell am I waking up and becoming sleep deprived to hang out in my garage at 5:30 am?  Time to up the ante. Show up and break a sweat.

So I, like millions of others, continue to  wage the war against being overweight. The exercising is the easy part. I feel great when I’m working out, feel great afterwards, and my day is certainly better when I have a work out to start the day. The tough part is the waging of  psychological warfare that needs to happen to get there. I continue to fight the good fight. Not sure if I’m gaining any ground , but each day I show up and break a sweat is a small victory and I’ll take it.  Haven’t lost any weight yet, but I’ll stick to it.

Ohhh, gotta run, the pizza dude just showed up with my large bacon/sausage extra cheese.

New Year’s in June, try it, I highly recommend it…and the Bacon Pizza from Mama Mia’s, both are awesome.

Happy New Years !!!

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2 Responses to New Years in June

  1. John says:

    I feel your pain! I’m “backing the car out of the garage” by walking two miles every morning.

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