CEDIA and Fun Stuff

Hi Blog readers.   I took the summer off.  Ok, maybe it was I was just completely overwhelmed with crazy biz at work, a few summer backyard construction projects, one hurricane, and about a week or so of hanging with the children.

I just returned from a world-class junket from the beautiful mecca of Indianapolis for an industry conference.  Half of you know what CEDIA is (and I probably saw you there) and for the other half who don’t know it’s where the audio/video/home automation geeks and gurus converge to swap ideas, get training, smooze, see the latest greatest offerings from the fine manufacturers we have the pleasure of dealing with, and stock up on free t-shirts and tweakers. ( Small screw driver one size up from the eyeglass repair kind).

So here’s my CEDIA recap of the cool and interesting things I saw :

Super slick custom theater chair…. by First Impressions Theme Theaters, Inc. for when you want to get on your bad motor scooter and ride  during intermission.

Yup, a turntable… they still make ’em. This one is a work of art.  This is a Clearaudio Innovation. Click here to read a review from some guys who know the deal. For the sum of a nice Honda Accord you too can break out the Zappa albums, dust off the Zepplin, or even crack open that untouched white album you’ve held onto like a gold brick for the last 43 years. Yes, November 22nd, 1968 was the day The White Album was released…

This is a military grade radar enabled camera tracking system ….

The guy explaining the features and capabilities was clearly x-military.  It was unnerving. You swear he had at least 3 kills under his belt within the last year.  This thing can track a man at mile out or maybe it was 7 miles, I was too afraid to blink never mind listen….  it moves like something out of a sci-fi war flick.  If I recall correctly he mentioned the unit could be outfitted with “options”.

OK, I’m exaggerating and taking some poetic license about the guy, he was cool and knew his “stuff”.  This bad Larry is a collaboration effort between ICRealtime and Jetprotect.  It’s a Virtual  Fence Radar Security Solution and it can detect a “breach” with in a 9 mile radius.  Yes, I said 9 miles. I will say if you need top-notch long-range security camera’s or you are an evil super villain looking to outfit your latest secret volcano island hide out with cool gear, this is the real deal.

So that’s my cool stuff from CEDIA report.  Thanks to the fine Folks at Nicky Blaines and Loughmiller’s for top-notch entertainment and adult beverages, check em out if you’re in Indianapolis anytime soon.

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