Counter culture to pop culture, just bake for 20 years….

OK I’m a few weeks late to the party with this one….

September 21st, 1991.

Musically a very important date. From a small music scene in Seattle where  alt rock was with twisted with punk, heavy metal, and distortion came the album born out of the sound that had been percolating for most of the late 80’s.

Nevermind would be the album that introduced mainstream to grunge.

Smells like Teen Spirit still gets the crowd fired up everytime, those opening chords still inspire what I like to classify generally as “driving to endanger”.

20 years and it’s as much a part of pop culture as Mickey Mouse, Elvis, and Darth Vader.

Here’s a few of the more interesting (fun) covers of this now classic.

Paul Anka in 2005 on the Late Show with David Letterman


The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain



Of course Weird Al



Muppets…..just because who doesn’t like the Muppets?


and lastly a dubstep/house mix.


And lastly I will NOT post the link to the Miley Cirus cover. I figure the Dubstep version was probably trying enough as is.

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