New Years in September AKA New Years in June part Deux

Back in June I shared my theory on New Year’s resolutions done on a quarterly basis. Here’s the update.

I happen to write out my yearly goals and have been consistently for the past 5 years.  This year I decided to try it out quarterly, as mentioned a few blogs ago.

It’s interesting to revisit your resolutions and look at them. It’s somewhat profound how some of them seem so ludicrous. What the hell was I thinking when I dreamed that up?  Or yep, crashed and burned on that one … again.  It’s also very interesting to see what things on the list you accomplished and didn’t. It’s amazing to see some goals not become realized until 2 or 3 years later.

Going quarterly is really just a method of breaking larger goals into bite sized steps, no ground breaking theory here, I won’t take credit.  Examining  where you are in life 3/6/9 months out from where you thought you were going versus looking at one year intervals is also a real good way to see what things cause you to fail. Even more revealing is that this quarterly exercise has made it clear on why some goals came to fruition 2 or 3 years later.

So here’s my 2 cents on making this a successful exercise.

Short term goals are easy.  How? Example : I will do my expense reports weekly.  Simply schedule an hour on Friday mornings in your Outlook or Google Calendar as a recurring appointment with a reminder.

Medium range goals , things that may take 6 to 12 months, break them up into 3 or 4 short-term goals, tackle each, move on to the next one. Schedule time to work on these goals, stick to the schedule, slow and steady wins the race.

Long term goals. This is where I have discovered the greatest amount of insight.  Take time to really understand what the long-term goal really is.  Things that are a year or two in length become elusive due to the chaotic world we live in.  That job, project, or habit we are looking to do can disappear in the course of us getting there.  But, if we understand that achieving a certain goal really is having the skills, education, and knowledge that it would take to complete the goal we’re after, it changes dramatically the steps we put in place to meet that goal. Understanding your goals based on the skill set required to perform, achieve, or complete  the desired outcome can sometimes get you a win or completed with your resolutions without accomplishing the original task. You develop those skills in other non resolution related ways. Rewrite goals or change them,  focus on skill sets that will apply to you accomplishing older goals.

Developing and sharpening skills sets to carry out goals make them much easier and more likely if you understand the mechanics required to get there even if life throws you a curve ball or two.

Keep those old resolution lists…. especially the ones with uncompleted goals. Rethink how you can complete your old resolutions  and revisit the skills you have learned since you wrote the original resolution.  Apply those new skill sets and I bet you start knocking off some of the incompletes rather quickly.

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