Some Changes…..

I started this blog just over a year ago for several reason. For the hell of it, to get better at writing, as an outlet for all the various things rattling around in my head. I figured I would gear it around work and my career. It’s a cool industry and there’s always something new and exciting to yap about. But what I discovered was that there are tons of guys who are way ahead of the curve with way more specs and insider knowledge who are throwing it up into the blogosphere.  I’m too busy running and managing the company to stay bleeding edge  with all the tech coming down the line. Fortunately for me there are guys on staff who are all over this stuff….and frankly, they could write till the cows come home about just about any of this stuff.  So I leave it to them.

I looked back at all my topics and realized I’m all over the map with my thoughts. Cigars, Disney, 8-tracks, coffee, management theory…..  So at about one year into my blogging career, I’m making some changes.  I thought long and hard about an appropriate Blog title. I was close with my original title. Things in my world seem to change so fast no matter what I do things appear to blink…sorta like the VCR clock…no matter what you did it went back to blinking.

So hopefully you’ll continue to follow along as I wander thru the world of a coffee fueled, gym challenged, career driven, suburbanite dad. If I could draw this would be a comic strip…. nothing too serious,  just a lighthearted observation of my world.


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One Response to Some Changes…..

  1. I look forward to reading your posts, Chris. They’re honest and from the heart. Your writing makes it very easy for me to create an imaginary comic strip in my mind as I read your posts. If anything, write and post more!


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