Tea …Ouch.

A few weeks ago I was wasting away life wandering the shops and stores at the mall, killing some time while waiting for the line at the new Dave & Busters to subside.   The Apple store, Legoland, Macy’s, Yankee Candles,…  Did you know there’s a place in the food court that sells just grilled cheese sandwiches?

Normally, I’m a coffee guy, like, big time coffee guy. I have a 13 napkin business plan to open the ultimate coffee shop.  I have the cappuccino machine, a french press, coffee grinder, way over the top coffee pot at home and one in my office. I even have a spare backup cappuccino machine…just in case. I started buying green coffee beans and  roasting them at home. But not today..let’s switch it up a little…..

Back to the mall, I was passing Teavana. A specialty tea shop. I decided I wanted to try out some tea.  Made my way thru the busy shop to the back counter where they have the wall o’ tea. The young lady behind the counter asks  what I want and I explain I’m sorta exploring and I’m looking for some suggestions.  She immediately pulls out this massive tin, opens it, and tells me it’s their best green tea.  I notice the price on the side says $20 per.  I figure $10 bucks is enough to gamble on a new tea. OK give me a half.  She them explains they have these really nice tins to keep the tea in.  Two choices small or large.  OK, I’ve bought tea before and it goes super stale in the bags and the tin was only a few extra bucks. Give me the half.

I turn to look at the tea strainers and decide to add one of those to the pile as well.  She has finish loading the tea from the vat into the tin. She rings it all up and I swipe ye’olde credit card without really looking.  My son, who has joined me in the store, of course,  is  touching and poking at all the lovely glass tea sets. So I sign and grab my stuff and get out of there before he breaks something.

About 25 minutes later we stop for a small scoop of ice cream. I suddenly hear the young lady’s voice from the tea shop replay in my head ” that will be $109.38 ” .   Have you ever snarfed ice cream?  I didn’t, but I did choke on the spoonful I had in my mouth. I scramble and rummage through the receipts.  I find it…Holy Tea Bags Batman !!!! I spent $110 bucks on tea.  My wife is gonna kill me…. I hope she’s bought some shoes or something I can gain some leverage on.  Holy S%#t !!!!  I look at the receipt.

8 oz Gyokoro Imperial Green Tea        $80.00

8 oz. Teavanna Tea Tin                          $ 6.00

Cool Touch Tea Strainer                        $16.95

After the heart attack, I figure out that the $20 refers to the unit of sale…2 oz. The half I stated was translated to 1/2 lb by the young woman, who conveniently sold me the 1/2lb. tin.  Funny enough, after questioning my sanity, my wife pointed out some of the comments posted on foursquare about the place feeling like ” a used car lot” and the staff acts accordingly , they just don’t have the yellow and red plaid sports jackets.


The upside of all this is the tea kicks ass.  I’m going back to coffee.

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6 Responses to Tea …Ouch.

  1. Sounds like the day I bought chocolate milk for the oatmeal…


  2. Tea Friend says:

    Oh My Gosh!! So sad that your tea experience had to go this way! Here you are trying to step out of the coffee box and try something, tea, thats new to you and so much better for you. Yes, the tea kicks ass, but Teavana is so expensive! I literally always end up spending $100 there, and it goes so quick! not ok.. Give Tea another chance? There are great asian markets that have the real stuff too, with out the brand pricing. Look for the good stuff tho, it makes you feel better 🙂 Happy tea time! dont loose hope 🙂

  3. That tea better give you magical powers for that price! Telepathy. I think it should give you telepathy.
    Funny post!

  4. Kelly says:

    That is a very tragic story. But now that you have the tea, you need to make a little holiday for yourself every time you drink it. Pretty cup, something nice to read, and a very comfortable chair.

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