Bird Condo

About a month ago I noticed a bird flying in and out of a broken window in my garage. (it’s on the list of things to fix).  A little investigation revealed that this industrious little bird had constructed a nest in an old clothespin bucket I had on a self.


Clever spot,  seems to be the perfect bird condo.






A few weeks later, 5 tiny eggs,  I could only get two in the pic without disturbing the nest.







As of this Saturday, 5 little chirping chicks.





Here’s mom with some breakfast for the chicks. Some more to follow when the chicks a little bigger.


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3 Responses to Bird Condo

  1. Sweet! at first I thought it was a house wren – very appropriate. But upon looking again, it didn’t feel right so I pulled out my trusty Peterson’d Field Guide to Birds. It’s a Carolina Wren. Eye stripe, rusty coloration above, buff below. About the size of a small sparrow Peterson says.


  2. Kelly says:

    MAGICAL! I love the pictures!!!

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