Bird Condo Part Deux – Learning To Fly

Update on the birds…..

As luck would have it, I was taking out the trash and I checked on birds residing in my garage.  There were 3 in the nest.

Turns out today was the big day for the birds.  I set up camp in the garage with the camera and after about 10 minutes, they go used to me being there.

I was able to shoot about 25 minutes total of video of these 5 little guys trying to learn to fly.  Due to my superior filming skills most of the video was not really that great.  Here’s some of the better pics and a few videos.

It was really neat to sit and watch the mom and dad bird try to coax the little one towards the window.

Then I had to take a break myself and feed my kids. When I returned an hour and a half later, I made it just in time to watch and follow the last two out of the garage and follow them thru the back yard for a little bit.

And Finally,  the siblings stick together thru the brush as sun starts to go down.

Bye Bye Birdies.

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One Response to Bird Condo Part Deux – Learning To Fly

  1. Just as cute as a button!!! Never actually seen them leave the nest before…


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