Art, Technology, Nakedness

IMG_2091We recently held an art opening. We featured 6 artists from the Friends of Fenway Studios. Friends of Fenway Studios is a non-profit organization committed to supporting Fenway Studios in The Fenway Cultural District of Boston’s Back Bay.

We’re not an art gallery. We’re a bunch of guys selling TV’s and stereo’s, if you run with the stereo type we have within the residential construction industry we operate within.

What’s the connection?  We are actually a home technology integration company. If TV sales never happened again in our company…we wouldn’t lose sleep over it.  Audio -video is an ever shrinking portion of our business.  IT support, lighting/shading control, HVAC scheduling, power management,  remote access control, CCTV,  phone/intercom systems….that’s what we do.

How does technology in the home meet art?  Well, say that sentence again, slowly.  The reality is that our clients have art, they also have lots of other nice things in their homes.  Our product is usually not so nice, not so nice to look at , that is. One of the big challenges for us, as a company and with in our industry, is to make our product and services sing and dance without having big black boxes and what we affectionately refer to as wall acne. ( just picture a 7 light switch plate)

We take the time to make sure interior designers love us. We work hard to understand the aesthetic of our clients homes and develop solutions that hide our gear and still achieve the performance, form, and functionally our clients demand from their technology.

Our showroom is based on presenting just that, a display of technology shown in a setting that could be your living room.  The art work gave our space the something extra that made it feel  warm and finished. Much the same way a home can be transformed with something on the walls that give it color, texture, and depth.

We took the opportunity to work with local artist to provide them with some space to show some of their work. They made our showroom more like home.  Walls with nothing on them are naked and bland. Add some art to your home. If you have some technology in the way,  we can make it go away.  No Naked Walls…..

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