I started with Twitter and Facebook several years ago, as an interest and exercise for the company I work for. After several musings in the Notes and Discussion sections it occurred to me the proper format to do this is in a blog.

Well, who the hell am I you ask.  I am an enthusiast for residential AV, yep, home theater and AV geek. But it doesn’t stop there. I know more about color schemes, HVAC systems, geothermal heating, IT, security systems, building code, and a myriad of other inane topics all due to my career.  I  wanted just wanted to sell stereo receivers and big screen TV’s.

That all seems like an eon ago.  Somewhere I went from retail to custom.  Basically, I went from Nobody Beats the Wiz to small custom AV companies that no one ever heard of or realized existed.  That’s going from selling the masses whatever was in stock or paid the highest commission to an ultra boutique setting where understanding what it was you’re trying to carry out, designing a solution, and installing it correctly.  Sounds simple, right? Hardly. For the last 10 years or I have learned how to talk to interior designers, architects, electricians, plumbers, landscape architects, lighting designers, builders, HVAC contractors, cabinet makers, tile guys, bankers, lawyers, stock brokers, CEO’s, hedge fund managers, …..  all in their native languages. This is my crowd, my neighborhood, my peers. It’s all one great big freak parade at times.  Getting a TV on the wall is not as simple as everyone thinks, 90% of the preceding list of people are usually involved in that exercise. The other 10% are paying for it and questioning every step along the way.

It has been a long, strange trip, but exciting and challenging as all hell let loose.  I’m lucky. The talented people I work with are brilliant and determined. They make piles o’gear look like works of art. They use every bit of their engineering degrees to solve the mysteries of getting IPODs to control the pool, their experience as graphic designers building interfaces that are easy as operating an ATM that control systems complex enough that would get NASA to pause, their IT knowledge of supporting WAN’s, LAN’s, and SAN’s,  and their ability and wisdom to negotiate with CEO types who occupy the upper 10% of the fortune 500.

Also, I’m a dad.  Basically, all I can say is that you’re never ready for children, you’re only willing to have them.  Again , I’m extremely lucky. They both are typical kids, driving my wife and I insane, destroying all my stuff,  making a mess out of any part of the home I just finished cleaning, and slowly but surely eating up any spare moments we have with soccer, dance, karate, etc….. . At the end of it all they are happy, healthy, really don’t give us any grief of any real sort.  They are my pride and joy.

I’m someone’s husband. Sometimes I think she’d like to retire me of that position, I , like the children, drive her insane sometimes. But, she’s the best thing that ever happened to me. We’re partners in this wild ride of life , marriage, and parenthood.

So that’s a small glimpse of me. Mostly, I’ll be spewing forth my thoughts on audio gear, technology, music, and maybe some other random topics that pop into my head.  Hopefully you’ll find what’s in my head interesting and we can have some fun conversing about things.  Thanks for reading this far….  talk to you soon.


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