Inspired by Sally & John

I meet Sally and John a few years back through an industry  networking group. They are Wilson Kelsey Design located north of Boston. I’m a big fan of their Blog. Their sense of style and approach to design resonates with me.  They quite often take lots of photo’s of everyday things in their world and muse on them.  This post was inspired by them.

I have a privacy hedge thing going on one side of my house.  Usually it’s this massive wall of green outside the kitchen windows. In the fall,  to make up for it, we are treated to a massive explosion of vibrant reds, yellows, and orange.  I look forward to the fall just to see this.  I decided to try to capture this foliage, I needed some new PC wallpaper photo’s. As I was taking the photos I thought “I bet this is what John feels like when he’s taking his photo’s” .   This morning I was catching up on my reading and Sally had posted some pics of some of her linen napkins and she shared the story behind how she acquired them.  The photos inspired me to share my photos.

Here’s the full view.

The best part is the lawn becomes littered with a carpet of color.

Thanks Sally and John, you’ve inspired me to take a second look at the details that surround me everyday. Some of it’s very inspiring, like the leaves outside my window.  Some of it is covered with dust…. so I’m off  to find the duster and Pledge.

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One Response to Inspired by Sally & John

  1. Hey Chris,
    Cool post!!!! There’s beauty and pleasure to be drawn from the world around us virtually everywhere we look. Keep shutter bugging!!!


    PS: Thanks for the plug!

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