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Counter culture to pop culture, just bake for 20 years….

OK I’m a few weeks late to the party with this one…. September 21st, 1991. Musically a very important date. From a small music scene in Seattle where  alt rock was with twisted with punk, heavy metal, and distortion came … Continue reading

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25 years of Beastie Boys

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, the long awaited album from the B-boys is finally here. The last studio album was in 2004. Quite the stretch to run without new material.  The delay mostly caused by MCA’s bout with cancer.   Most of … Continue reading

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Snow Day, French Toast, and Verizon FIOS

After buying bread, milk, and eggs yesterday for the impending Snowpacolypse I made it home around 8 pm. I’m not sure if that’s a New England thing or if the rest of the world panics and marches lemming like to … Continue reading

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Commander Cody Spotted at Panera

Saturday mornings involve a trip to the Dojo. Karate for my son.  My daughter and I are usually wandering the streets looking for something to do for an hour or so.  We eventually found a Panera to haunt.  A few bagels, some OJ … Continue reading

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What’s up with Bobby Darin anyway?

Ok, Friday night, I’m relaxing after a grueling week where the ups and downs of the work week slip further away as the minutes pass.  I’m in short supply of cigars and scotch….basically i’m fresh out of both.  So, plan … Continue reading

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