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Cool and Green

I was perusing  LinkedIn Group American Society of Landscape Architects this morning.  There was a post  from  Reclaiming the suburbs . The article discusses how a San Antonio based company Rackspace, reclaimed an old, empty mall as its new headquarters. Intrigued, I … Continue reading

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CEDIA and Fun Stuff

Hi Blog readers.   I took the summer off.  Ok, maybe it was I was just completely overwhelmed with crazy biz at work, a few summer backyard construction projects, one hurricane, and about a week or so of hanging with … Continue reading

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Life with Tab

A few months ago I was poking fun at the Tablets all being buzzed about at CES.  I did in fact, belly up to the bar and ordered one. I ended up with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. All things considered, … Continue reading

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Snow Day, French Toast, and Verizon FIOS

After buying bread, milk, and eggs yesterday for the impending Snowpacolypse I made it home around 8 pm. I’m not sure if that’s a New England thing or if the rest of the world panics and marches lemming like to … Continue reading

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Got me a Tablet at CES

On the heels of CES (Consumer Electronic Show)  I’ve decided to get into manufacturing. I have the ultimate product. Simple to produce, brilliant distribution model, always up to date, comes in any color. The profit will be awesome. So I’ll be  loading up the … Continue reading

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66 Buttons to the Sleep Timer.

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to spend some quality time with an industry insider. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and very in-tune with the residential custom electronics industry. The discussion was based around connecting with clients beyond a technical sense. … Continue reading

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Ipod is to Lloyd’s V150 as MP3 is to 8-track

Lloyd?  8-track? what? My first real stereo system was a Realistic car 8-track player wired to a 9 volt power supply with 2 mismatched speakers. It was cool, the first piece of recorded media I ever owned was a  KTEL’s … Continue reading

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Zone 2

Zone 2 I recently added a new surround receiver to the mix on ye olde surround system at home.  My system is a hodge podge of stuff I’ve accumulated along the way. Most think, given what I do, I’d have the … Continue reading

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